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Meet Altec Print Sales Rep, Josephine Narma

It's time for another interview highlighting one of our special representatives that you enjoy talking to. This month, we’re proud to spotlight Josephine Narma. Josephine has been with Altec as a print sales rep since 2008. Her skillset and passion for creativity throughout her customer service is unmatched. Learn more about her role and hobbies. Get to know Josephine!

How would you describe your role at Altec?

Josephine Narma, Print Sales Rep at Altec

I think my role is primarily customer service oriented. I consider myself an extension of my customer’s business. I guess that makes me more of a consultant. I’ve been with Altec for 9 years and after all this time, I understand what my customer needs are. It’s not always the same with every customer. My accounts are both large corporations, as well as smaller family businesses. The big guys usually know exactly what they want from PMS Colors, fonts, and white space. I am happy to provide guidance and direction to customers needing it more. My job is to listen and deliver.

What excites you most about the Print division at Altec?

When I first started at Altec I thought, “What can be so exciting about checks and envelopes?” Well, it is what you make of it. What thrills me the most is finding solutions to every problem and concern. For instance, I enjoy designing custom window envelopes for customers who spend too much time trying to make a wrong envelope fit the bill (or check). I look for details like what envelope folder sealer they use to make sure all the pieces of the puzzle fit.

What do you find most rewarding in your role?

Helping people is most rewarding. My job is to make everybody’s job easier, and this includes my team here at Altec.

What are some of your hobbies?

I love photography & playing in my digital darkroom. I enjoy hiking, travelling/discovering new places and activities.

What product or service did you offer a customer lately that they did not expect?

Ok, this is crazy. I have this customer (You know who you are.) who wanted to change the color of her logo on her business card. I was inspired to totally change the entire look and feel of her card to reflect the image of the company. It was fun for me and she loved the final product!

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