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Whatever envelope type you need, we can get it to you

We produce more than 14 million envelopes annually. 
Ask your sales rep about our extensive selection of stock envelopes!
Many can ship same day as ordered!

Any envelope you can imagine, we can produce and enhance with logos and your corporate colors. We're happy to help you find one that fits your check, invoice or other outgoing mail piece.

  • #10 Regular and Window

  • #9 Regular and Window

  • Accounts Payable envelopes

  • Invoice envelopes

  • Catalog Style

  • Booklet Style

  • First Class

  • Remittance

  • Direct Mail

  • Stationery

  • Business Reply

  • Security tint

  • Reverse flap for sealing machines

  • Custom window

  • ....and more

Envelope Seals - Did You Know...?

We sell both regular seal and self-seal envelopes. What's the difference? 


Regular seal (or gummed envelopes) use a water-soluble gum that must be manually moistened before the flap can be sealed. When stored in a cool, dry place, regular seal envelopes can last for many years. Self-seal envelopes have a strip of latex on the flap and can be pressed down for instant closure without moistening. The shelf life for latex envelopes is approximately 12 months but may be extended in the right circumstances.

Proprietary envelopes only available at Altec. They are in stock and ready to ship! 
Save time on large and frequent check runs!

Check out our Pressure Seal solutions to combine your check and envelope into one piece!

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