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Security Features

We care about your organization's security - other companies' premium features are our standard

Fraud is prevalent in today’s business environment. To combat fraud,
we offer an array of standard and upgrade features for our checks
that defend against prevalent counterfeiting techniques.

Choosing the right security features for your business documents is one way to take charge. The key to selecting intelligent combinations of security features is to include both visible (printed) and hidden (paper) characteristics. This alerts check handlers and deters would-be thieves. Choose from our wide variety of both to ensure due diligence and deter fraud.


Black and Blue Dye(s)

These dyes react to a wide variety of chemical solvents used to remove information from documents. A black or blue stain becomes clearly visible upon placement of alteration solvents.

Bleed-Through MICR & Arabic Numbers

Aniline dye in the ink results in numbers penetrating paper and developing into visible, ghosted, or blurred image on back of document. This provides immediate verification of authenticity.

Border Copy Warning

A notice or warning designed to advise document handlers and potential fraud artists of specific overt and covert safeguards is present. This warning is commonly printed in reverse type on the face of the document above the background screen or pantograph.

Fluorescent Fibers

The fibers are invisible unless exposed under ultraviolet (black) light where they appear as bright, glowing yellow threads. Copiers cannot reproduce these.

(Advanced Feature) TonerGrip

This supplemental feature was developed to thwart attempts by forgers to alter laser printed documents. The unique surface treatment yields greater adhesion of toner on the document’s surface. Any alteration attempts (usually by cellophane tape) become clearly detectable.

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Artificial Watermark

A logo or pattern is printed on opaque ink normally on the back of the document and is visible when viewed at a 45° angle. This provides immediate verification of authenticity.

Micro Printing

Miniature print/text will appear as a screened line/border with type commonly consisting of the company name or a warning message verified with a magnifying glass. Copied or scanned attempts appear plugged and/or unreadable.

Padlock Icon

A symbol, indicating the presence of security technologies, is used to prevent copying, alterations, counterfeiting, or other fraudulent methods. The icon is a certified mark of the Financial Stationers Association. It is printed on the face of documents with a “warning box” printed on the back.

ODT VOID Pantograph

Background designs or screens expose a hidden “VOID” pattern when scanned or copied. “VOID” is commonly printed in repeat pattern for the purpose of complicating counterfeiting attempts.

(Advanced Feature) Fluorescent Artificial Watermark

This watermark is visible under ultraviolet (black) light or when held at a 45° angle and is copier and scanner-resistant.

(Advanced Feature) Thermochromic Ink

This specially treated ink provides a color changing sequence when exposed to heat. A reaction will occur by rubbing or placing a finger on the ink, and a change in ink color verifies document authenticity.

(Advanced Feature) Ultraviolet (UV) Ink

Image(s) printed in invisible ink, when exposed under ultraviolet (black) light, appears in glowing, bright fluorescent color. UV ink can be used as a second color in pantograph designs and/or as an artificial watermark to provide immediate verification of authenticity.

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