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Welcome to our New Website!

Visit for business printing

We're starting 2017 with the launch of our first website for the print division at Altec! We've been phone-friendly and now we're also "mobile-friendly" with the launch of We're excited to share our new online presence and showcase the products and solutions that have kept our customers happy for over 30 years. Whether you're on your mobile device, tablet or desktop, is your online gateway to experience our full line of business printing solutions.

Whitney Lewis, Director of Print Sales at Altec, is thrilled about the launch. "We are so customer-centric and look forward to talking to our customers - our friends, on the phone. Our website is now an extension of us and we're excited to provide that same great customer service online."

Existing and potential customers alike will benefit from easily accessing our website anytime. Other website features include clear and simple navigation, easy to find links, brilliant images, customer testimonials, a 1-click contact us form and more.

The Altec team is committed to making a hub for all things print. Whitney adds, "We'll address the concerns we often-hear in our upcoming FAQ section and offer informational and educational blog articles shared each month by our team. Stay tuned!"

Bookmark us and visit the site often!

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