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Meet Altec Print Sales Rep, Tom Lusey

We’ve launched our new website this year and now, we’re excited to present a new feature on our blog – print sales rep interviews! Each quarter, we’ll bring you a new Q&A interview highlighting one of our special representatives that you enjoy talking to. This month, we’re proud to spotlight Tom Lusey.

Tom joined Altec in 2005 and has been a print sales rep for 12 years. With over a decade of customer service knowledge, Tom brings valuable experience to Altec's print division. His customer service is exemplary and his life outside of Altec is just as fun. Get to know Tom!

Meet Tom Lusey from Altec

How would you describe your role at Altec?

I’m a sales/customer service rep whose job it is to sell and service our existing customers to the best of my abilities, including prospecting those existing customers for new business. I also have the duty of prospecting for completely new customers from our existing database.

What excites you most about the Print division at Altec?

Looking for opportunities with new prospects, or opportunities within my existing customer database to expand and grow my territory and thus benefit the company as well as myself.

What do you find most rewarding in your role?

Accomplishing the above!

What are some of your hobbies?

I love the beach, bodyboarding, movies, and music.

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