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Jo’s Tips: Enhance Company Checks!

Let Altec Enhance Your Company Checks!

Have you ever looked at your blank company check stock and thought, “This is boring! How can I make this look better?” Well we get this question a lot and when we do, our long-time print representative, Josephine Narma, is always ready with a good tip. "Start with a logo", she says. "A company logo on your checks looks more professional and really makes them stand out. I like to make them match company websites for continuity. And, not to worry, it will still work with your accounting software --- GUARANTEED! It doesn’t even cost more! We can add your logo for free and make sure it still fits your current envelope!"

Josephine has an eye for design. In her spare time, she has designed and enhanced company logos, stationery, business documents and more. When a customer seeks guidance with layout design or enhancements to business forms, envelopes, and the like, Jo freely offers her ideas with satisfying options. "I work with many business executives and accounting professionals on orders," said Jo. "It makes me very happy to extend my in-depth know-how to help our customers."

This article highlights how our print reps can transform an ordinary order into the extraordinary customer service that we're known for. We'd like to offer regular examples of tips like this in a feature we're calling 'Jo's Tips'. How does that sound? Make sure to follow our blog for more!

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