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Order Your 2021 Tax Forms NOW for Significant Cost Savings

2021 taxes aren’t even a thought for most people yet, but they should be.

The IRS changes requirements and form formats yearly, so companies constantly need to stay educated (see important 2021 W-2 & 1099 changes). Many of these changes not only require reprogramming within your accounting software, but different forms and envelopes as well.

Last year’s major change was the 1099-NEC form which almost wholly replaced the 1099-MISC. For 2021, another change to the NEC form will impact both your accounting software and matching envelopes.

Form 1099-NEC has been reformatted to accommodate 3 forms per page instead of 2.

Whitney Lewis, Altec’s Director of Print Sales comments, “What makes Altec so unique in the industry is our proactive customer service. We hear from our customers constantly that they depend on our contact to review their inventory, ensuring they have the products they need when they need them. We encourage our customers to contact us now not only for cost savings, but to give themselves time to update their accounting software.”

If you would like information about ordering tax forms or other products from Altec, please contact our team at 800-997-9921 or


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